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The study of the more traditional techniques

Pa-Kua Chi is the study of the microbodies, which is each part of our body as a reflection of the whole, to perform harmonizing self-massage.

It is the study of the more traditional techniques of energetic harmonization and manipulation from the East.

In the classes, we will perform a wide variety of movements of elongation and energy enhancement that will condition our physique, breathing exercises and meditation.

All these tools will allow us to harmonize in different ways, to improve our quality of life.

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New students will learn

  • Improved Health.
  • ​Revitalized Energy.
  • ​Increased Productivity.
  • ​Improved Sleep Quality.
  • ​Joint pain Relief.
  • ​Reduced Stress.
  • ​Learn the practical applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine in our day to day.

Discover the Art of Self-Defense

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