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"Chinese Yoga, often known as Sintony, blends meditation practices with soothing stretches.

These movements not only sculpt and fortify the body but also promote calorie burn.

Learners here at PakuaOC will gain insights into methods for alleviating stress, fostering a serene mindset in their daily routines."

The best of the ancient techniques

The best of the ancient techniques of Chinese Yoga - Sintony and Quigong, applied to the practice of meditation exercises with body poses and breathing exercises.

In weekly classes, introspection and self- knowledge are experienced through the practice of poses that improve our physical strength and flexibiliy, improving our body and our thoughts.

The different meditation exercises help us focus, guide the energy and release stress to tune into ourselves to discover our true inner self

Students Can Expect To Learn

  • Stress Management.

  • Relaxation and Tranquility.

  • Improved physical posture.

  • Mayor stretching and flexibility.

  • Harmonization of metabolism.

  • Muscle modeling.

  • Meeting with the "I" and control of the ego.

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